Omega-3 Vegan


 2,000 mg Omega-3 daily dose (EPA 609 mg. un DHA 1158 mg. )
 Cultivated algae (Schizochytrium sp.) oil
 Free of heavy metals and PCBs
 Excellent taste
D3 vitamin vegan (800 IE)
 Cold-pressed olive oil as antioxidant
Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia Registration No. 11889

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A non-fish vegan alternative

Omega-3 VeganHigh quality Omega-3 products 4

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Pure Omega-3 rich algae oil

NORSAN Omega-3 Vegan (100 ml) consist of a pure Omega-3 rich algae oil and a cold-pressed olive oil as an antioxidant. The recommended daily dose of one tee spoon (5ml) gives 2,000 mg omega-3 fatty acids, rich in both EPA and DHA.

The preferred liquid form and the excellent taste allow the oil easy to be used in daily food plan, for example as dressing for salad or as ingredient in the smoothie. Most consumes, however, take the oil “pure” before or together with the breakfast.

Why NORSAN Omega-3 Vegan?

  • 100% vegetable source: The oil is derivated from the micro algae Schizochytrium sp. with a high level of omega-3 (EPA and DHA).
  • High daily dose: The recommended daily dose of one tee spoon (5ml) contains 2,000 mg omega-3.
  • Good for the oceans: Using large basins of artificial sea water the cultivation of the algae is protective for the oceans an especially environmental friendly alternative.
  • Excellent taste: The algae oil offers a premium quality freshness which is reflected in the excellent taste.

NORSAN Omega-3 VeganHigh quality Omega-3 products 4


Nutrition Facts

Daily dose 5ml

Algae  Schizochytrium sp.oil 3.5 g*

Olive oil1.1 g*

Vitamin D3 20 µg/800 IE**

Composition of the fatty acids

-saturated fat 0.9 g*

– mono unsaturated fat1.1 g*

– poly unsaturated fat2.2 g*

– Omega-3 (from which):2.0 g*

EPA 609 mg*

          DPA 157 mg*

DHA1158 mg*

* No recommendations for daily intake available
** 400% of daily recommended intake


Ingredients (5 ml): Micro-algae Schizochytrium sp. oil rich in DHA and EPA (74%) – 3.5g, cold pressed olive oil (23%) – 1.1g, sunflower oil (2%), antioxidants: rosemary extract, mixed tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitate), colecalciferol (D3) Vitamin (vegan from lichens) – 20µg  or 400% of the Nutrient Reference Value), lemon oil.

5 ml Omega-3 Vegan contains 0,36 mg Polyphenols.

Recommended daily dosing

The daily recommended dosage is 5 ml, which corresponds to a tablespoon. The dose can be easily measured using the included dosing cup. Currently, pregnant and breastfeeding women have different consumption recommendations; is 450 mg EPA / DHA per day (or 5 ml every 4 days) as required by law. The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded unless otherwise is prescribed by your doctor.


Unopened bottles should not be exposed to direct sunlight and stored in a cool and dry place. Please note that crystals may form at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius. These dissolve again at room temperature after a few minutes. It is recommended to shake the bottle briefly before eating. The product should be kept out of reach of small children. The open bottle should be used within 30 days. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle.

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