NORSAN Omega-3 Set


 Combination package of Omega-3 Total oil (200ml) and Omega-3 Total Capsules (120cps)
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Recognized as “best choice”

Omega-3 Total fish oil

Par mums

Natural omega-3 rich fish oil

NORSAN Omega-3 Total (200 ml) consist of a natural (no added concentrates) omega-3 rich fish oil and a cold-pressed olive oil as an antioxidant. The daily dose consists of 2,000 mg omega-3 fatty acids. The preferred liquid form and the pleasant taste allow the oil easy to be used in daily food plan, for example as dressing for salad or as ingredient in the smoothie. Most consumes, however, take the oil “pure” before or together with the breakfast; “one spoon fish oil a day, keeps the doctor away”. The fish oil comes from sustainable fishing and is cleaned of pollutants and PCBs.

Our Omega-3 Total fish oil is recognized as “best choice” by our users as well as medical professionals:

  • The natural fish oil complex: The usage of natural fish oil complex provides the effects most similar to fish consumption. Therefore, we preserve this complex in the processing and our fish oils do not consist of any concentrates, neither as ethyl ester or as reconstructed triglyceride. Keep it as natural as possible!
  • Freshness: By choosing the best raw materials (only wild catch) and carefully and oxygen-free processing our fish oil offers an unmatched quality freshness and taste. Our oil is by many used as “salat oil” and for Christmas and Easter also as filling in chocolate.
  • Purity and cleanness: At carefully designed facilities in Norway, our fish oil is processed and cleaned extracting the PCBs and heavy metals in the wild-caught fish.
  • Sustainability and social responsibility: We are only using raw materials from originating from waters that are certified sustainable by Friends of the Sea. A view that we have a responsibility for sustaining and helping the oceans is a company policy and value.

Omega-3 rich oil without any added concentrates – as natural as its gets

Natural oil from sustainable wild-caught fish

NORSAN Omega-3 Total

Natural sustainable fish oil

NORSAN Omega fish oil is FOS certified and is derived from fish originating from waters that are certified sustainable by FOS. The FOS certification ensures NORSAN’s efforts to protect the ocean’s limited natural resources is verified by an independent third party. Friend of the Sea is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that has set itself the task to preserve the global marine habitat. FOS operates leading certification projects which analyse the sustainability of fisheries and omega-3 fish oil products.

NORSAN ensures that the following criteria are met:

  • Our products are based on fish stocks that are not overfished
  • Only fishing practices that prevent the by-catch of endangered species are used
  • Fishing practices have a low impact on the environment
  • The production of the product is energy efficient

Norwegian Fish Oil

The NORSAN fish oil is processed and produced in Norway and cleaned of pollutants and PCBs and inspected according to strict Norwegian regulations.

The raw materials come from a modern fishing fleet. The fish is cooled directly on the boat and the boats run to the port every day to keep their catch fresh. Typical there are only 4 hours between the catch and the transfer to the production.

Natural fatty acid complex from over 50 fatty acids

Natural fish oil consists of a fatty acid complex of over 50 fatty acids. The natural fatty acid structure of the fish is preserved during the recovery and purification of the NORSAN Omega-3 Total oil. The effect of taking such a non-concentrated natural fish oil is similar to the effect of fish consumption.

Only one table spoon per day (8ml) or 4 capsules

High Omega-3 Content

NORSAN Omega-3 Total 2

Fresh, well tolerated and good smelling

The quality of the fish oil is – as with all other nutrition – also reflected by the smell and taste. Trust your nose! NORSAN Omega-3 Total oil is carefully processed without contact with oxygen, therefore the oxidation values remain low (is the reverse parameter for “freshness”). The result is particularly fresh, well tolerated and good smelling oil. The oil is offered in liquid form. This allows you to directly perceive the quality of the oil when it is taken.

High levels of antioxidants and natural flavour

NORSAN Omega-3 Total 3

The extra virgin olive oil used in our product is selected based on its high levels of antioxidants and natural flavour. The olives are grown on a small farm operating under strict ecological guidelines. NORSAN team members often visit the farmer Rafael at his orchard, to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained and conformance to recommended guidelines. The olives are hand harvested in order to preserve their natural flavour.

Although it is not well known, the molecular double bond forming the vital chain among the fatty acid is extremely fragile, and represents a weak point in the chemical structure of the fatty acid series. By blending the fish oil with extra virgin olive oil, the delicate polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids are protected both prior and post consumption.

Easy to integrate into everyday life

The pleasant taste and “freshness” of the NORSAN oils allow an easy integration into the daily diet. Next to taking the oil pure (one table spoon / 8ml) the oil can easily be used in a salad dressing, smoothies, yoghurt or musli.

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