Fatty acid analysis


With the NORSAN Fatty Acid Analysis, you can easily determine your fatty acid values from home. The Omega-6/3 ratio, omega-3 index and 26 fatty acids are measured. The evaluation of your blood is carried out by an independent laboratory.

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Fatty acid analysis

  • Tested and documented analysis method with high stability of the analysis values ​​(approximate erythrocyte values)
  • Runs at the leading European independent laboratory for fatty acid analysis.
  • Detailed findings as a basis for medical nutrition advice
  • Simple blood sampling by fingerberry
  • Cost-effective

The individual requirements for omega-3 can be verified by the self-test for the analysis of the fatty acid and omega profile (San Omega analysis). With a few drops of blood from the finger, your fatty acid profile is analyzed and you get, among other things, information about:

Omega-3 Index: Indicates the proportion of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA relative to total fatty acids. San Omega recommends a share of over 8%.

Omega-6/3 Ratio: Indicates the relationship between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which play a decisive role in inflammation formation and inhibition. An omega-6/3 ratio (omega-3 ratio) which is too high leads to an undesirably high level of inflammation in the body.

Trans fat content: trans fats are lipids that are not naturally present in the body. Transfats harm the cells. The trans fat content should be low. It is recommended that industrial trans fats account for less than 0.50% of total fatty acids.

Norsan Test sample

Instructions for use NORSAN fatty acid analysis

 Needle
 Foil bag
 Filter paper for analysis sample
 Patch
 Analysis-ID form
 Envelope for sending analysis
 Instructions for blood donation (English and Latvian)

• Do not eat at least 4 hours before analysis;
• Do not use fish oil products for at least 24 hours before blood sampling;
• Please wash your hands before performing the analysis.

1. Squeeze the small blue needle tip
2. Place the needle at the top of your index finger and press the large white button firmly;
3. Apply a sample of blood to at least two marked filter paper fields until the circle is completely filled.
4. Allow the test sample to dry (about 15 minutes)
5. Fill out the Analysis ID sheet
6. Attach the ID sticker to the test sheet and foil bag
7. Tear off and save bottom of Analysis-ID page (cut off mark)
8. Place the filter paper analysis test in a foil bag
9. Place the Analysis ID sheet and foil bag in an envelope
10. Send the analysis to the laboratory by mail during the day.
11. You will receive the result of the analysis within 14 days by e-mail.

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