Does Omega-3 really help?

Does Omega-3 really help?

Many scientific studies have proved the positive health benefits and effects of Omega-3 fatty acids. And still, often the effect or benefit of an omega-3 supplement is questioned. Often rightly so! Understanding the differences of omega-3 supplements are not so difficult and will also explain what helps and what does not. The core aspects are:
1. The right omega-3 dose
2. Quality of the oil

1. Right Dose

Indications for recommended daily omega-3 intake varies considerably from 0.1 g to 4-5 g. Theoretically, all these doses can be right (and wrong), as a right dose is related to individual factors such as the diet habits and weight.

The good news is: Individual omega-3 levels in the body can easily be measured (blood from the finger tip as material for gaschromographical analysis). So both a potential deficit as well as the effect of a applied dose can be measured or validated. More than 2,000 individual fatty acid measures confirm that a daily dose of minimum 2,000 mg omega-3 is necessary to increase and maintain a high omega-3 level in the body. A typical omega-3 capsule contains only 0.15 g omega-3. If follows that nobody should be surprised if consuming 2-3 capsules has little or no health effect.

2. Quality of oil
As a starting point to understand fish oil quality, consider it as a normal nutrition. First, if our food does not taste or smell good, we should not consume it. The same goes for fish oil; bad smell or taste indicate an oxidized product. The pleasant smell of the NORSAN oil is just one indicator of low oxidation level and desirable “freshness”.
Further; a natural oil is preferable over a concetrate. A natural fish oil contains more than 50 different fatty acids and promises an effect similar to fish consumption. In contrast, Omega-3 concentrates are not recommended: concentrates are made by a chemical process. This destroys the structure of natural triglycerides and can cause undesirable side effects.

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