IFOS certified Certificates
International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) certification is an independent fish oil testing and certification program. IFOS sets the highest standards of purity, efficiency and freshness worldwide. Our NORSAN fish oils fully meet all these criteria. For this reason, IFOS has given each of our liquid fish oils and capsules the highest rating.

Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia Certificates 2
On October 23th, 2018 the Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Latvia (FVS), in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 685 “Food Supplements Requirements”, confirms that Norsan Omega-3 products meet the requirements of food law and are registered in the FVD Nutritional Supplements Registry No. 11883; 11889; 11887; 11888.

FOS certified Certificates 1
NORSAN fish oil is Friends of the Sea (FOS) certified and comes from fish caught in waters certified by the FOS as sustainable. Friends of the Sea is an internationally recognized charity dedicated to preserving the world’s marine habitats. FOS manages leading certification projects that certify the sustainability of fisheries and Omega-3 fish oil products.

Laboratory CertificatesCertification
Our Omega-3 products are regularly tested by laboratories. This is especially important for us to maintain the high quality standard of our products.

Heavy metals analysis

Analysis of raw materials

Analysis of excipients